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Oliver Jones is a 16 year old composer, cellist and pianist from the southwest of England, UK

Oliver has a passion for music, and has done for a long time. His first album, Images, was composed when he was 14 years old, living under the shadow of juvenile, seronegative arthritis, in his own private lockdown before the COVID-19 pandemic, unable to move without pain, confined to the house, and doing exams from home. Images comprises the pieces composed during the lead up to a total hip replacement operation in October 2019, and the recovery period thereafter, the ups and downs of his life clearly audible in the passionate fast-flowing lines of the minimalist compositions which are his hallmark. He is a music scholar at Truro School in Cornwall, UK, and this is evident in his expeditious start to professional music!

Since those early days, Oliver has gained national and international recognition from the likes of BBC Sounds, BBC music introducing and local and national radio stations (BBC Radio stations in the southwest of England, Radio 5, Radio 4 and Radio 3), as well as Ditto Music, his music distribution service.

Influences and style
Minimalism and contemporary classical music are his passion, but they are not just classical genres. These genres are unique, as seen in Oliver's inspirations - Hans Zimmer and Ludovico Einaudi to name a couple. These genres are influenced by folk and rock, hip hop, jazz and new age showcasing the breadth and versatility of them. This music is the backdrop to period dramas - atmospheric, moving and memorable, which is what Oliver wants to achieve with his music.

Further Releases
Two further albums “Flight” and “The Cellist” were written and recorded by Oliver himself during the Covid lockdown of 2020, in between school work and exam revision. Listen to snippets or go to your favourite streaming platform to be transported into a blissful, other-world, where the music will fill mind, body and soul with the peace we have all craved during the turmoil of Covid.

New Releases - "The Pianist" and "The Moonlight Suite"
“Concept” is Oliver’s latest single released in Feb 2021, released early by popular demand on social media. It uses three notes in the chorus passages which create a minimalist melody on top of long bass lines.  Concept forms part of Oliver's brand new, fresh album "The Pianist" which is out now. "The Pianist" aims to provide a fresh view on classical music. It also aims to bring classical music to more people's willing ears, to bring out a modern trend and bring more classical musicians and works into the 21st century. "The Pianist" is available to listen to on all music platforms.

Oliver has an exciting EP which is released on 9th November called "The Moonlight Suite". This album incorporates and conveys the images seen during a moonrise, and especially on those summer nights, it is truly stunning. It consists of 6 unique tracks, each of which you can hear previews of right here on the website.

"Optics" - A new feature film
During the summer of 2021, Oliver was invited to right the score to an amazing upcoming feature film called "Optics". On their website, the creators of the film describe the film:

"Two estranged young sisters are suffering emotional turmoil when they make a startling discover, their cherished camera is somehow alive. A sense of wonder emerges that captures their imagination, and the camera takes them on a journey that leads to a glint of hope amid a backdrop of a world falling apart. However, as time runs out to find the answers they crave, will the journey finally bring them back to each other or shatter any hopes of a reconciliation?"

Whilst the film is not yet available to watch, you can watch the trailer here, or here on Oliver's website. It is hoped that very soon the film will be available to watch in full! 

New Film Score | Optics

Over the summer of 2021, Ollie scored a feature film, "Optics", Here is the trailer!

You can watch other videos on the Music Videos page

The Moonlight Suite

The Pianist

The Cellist



The Moonlight Suite Blog


Here is a Teaser video to "The Moonlight Suite"


The release date is out...


This post is long overdue! With school starting again I possibly won't have time to release anything for a month or two. BUT...


Every album comes from somewhere. So, this is the story of mine!


A small set of images and a video showing the process behind my tracks!


This is a teaser to the brand new blog about "The Moonlight Suite", a set of tracks from Ollie Jones released soon!

Ollie Jones | LIVE


New Arrivals


No upcoming events, but there will be soon!

The Moon | Music Video

Watch the music video to "The Moon" from The Moonlight Suite, out now!





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