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The Official Home of 16 year old composer, Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones is a 16 year old composer, cellist and pianist from the southwest of England, UK

Oliver has a passion for music, and has done for a long time. His first album, Images, was composed when he was 14 years old, living under the shadow of juvenile, seronegative arthritis, in his own private lockdown before the COVID-19 pandemic, unable to move without pain, confined to the house, and doing exams from home. Images comprises the pieces composed during the lead up to a total hip replacement operation in October 2019, and the recovery period thereafter, the ups and downs of his life clearly audible in the passionate fast-flowing lines of the minimalist compositions which are his hallmark. He is a music scholar at Truro School in Cornwall, UK, and this is evident in his expeditious start to professional music!

Since those early days, Oliver has gained national and international recognition from the likes of BBC Sounds, BBC music introducing and local and national radio stations (BBC Radio stations in the southwest of England, Radio 5, Radio 4 and Radio 3), as well as Ditto Music, his music distribution service.

Influences and style
Minimalism and contemporary classical music are his passion, but they are not just classical genres. These genres are unique, as seen in Oliver's inspirations - Hans Zimmer and Ludovico Einaudi to name a couple. These genres are influenced by folk and rock, hip hop, jazz and new age showcasing the breadth and versatility of them. This music is the backdrop to period dramas - atmospheric, moving and memorable, which is what Oliver wants to achieve with his music.

Further Releases
Two further albums “Flight” and “The Cellist” were written and recorded by Oliver himself during the Covid lockdown of 2020, in between school work and exam revision. Listen to snippets or go to your favourite streaming platform to be transported into a blissful, other-world, where the music will fill mind, body and soul with the peace we have all craved during the turmoil of Covid.

New Releases -  "Scarborough Fair" and Timeless
"Scarborough Fair" is a well-known tune, discovered by Simon and Garfunkel to be very harmonically interesting. Oliver has composed a contemporary remix of the Simon and Garfunkel version, and it was released on 13th of January. Visit the release page to find out more

Timeless is a brand new single released on June 1st - It is the first electronic-classical track that has been released - following in the footsteps of composer Niklas Paschburg. 

Scarborough Fair Remix - Out Now!

Timeless - A new single

Watch this preview of a new single released 1st June - Timeless.

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