Influences and Origins

03 Aug

Every album comes from somewhere. Take Ludovico Einaudi for example: world-renowned pianist and composer and general genius (in my opinion!) His release "Seven Days Walking" took him a walking holiday in the alps; all to compose a set of tracks, record them, and release them. Without influence, and album cannot exist!

And so, with that in mind, "The Moonlight Suite" was born in a similar way. Of an evening, my family and I visited a small Cornish bay (Carlyon Bay) a few weeks ago. The sky was clear, the water - calm and tranquil, and the moon was glinting off the sea. It really was stunning, and a photo I took went on to become the album cover. Then as the sky got dimmer and moon higher, the atmosphere changed, and we began to notice things like small flickering lights, and, of course, the moon itself. This instantly grabbed my attention, and I went home set on writing a set of tracks about it! These were the origins of this album.

Back to the music, and I have just finished recording another piece! This one is simply called, "The Moon". Here is a preview:

This is a rough cut, meaning that I haven't added any effects or balanced the audio yet! Also, this is the first piece that I have created that has a piano duet!

Thank you for reading this third blog post on here, and hope you are all well!

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