01 Aug


Welcome to the first post following the journey of my upcoming release, "The Moonlight Suite"! Here is a few behind the scenes for you!

This is it! The space where, just over 2 years ago, I started composing and recording my first ever tracks! I can't believe where it has got me, and my family have had to put up with all of it! 😁

This is an exclusive preview of one of the tracks that will be featured in "The Moonlight Suite". This is called Blurred Horizon. GarageBand makes it so easy and efficient to create any song, so you should try it out, even if you are not remotely musical!

Dorico is an amazing software. This is what I use now to notate and score all my works before I record them. This is a secret track, so I will not be sharing this one!😉

Thank you all for following this and stay safe!

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