1-to-1 New Musician Support

1-to-1 New Musician Support This offers any new musicians to gain first insight into how to run their business! It allows anyone to ask some questions about these topics such as website management, e-commerce store presentation, social media and more! It can be run on any platform of your choice. Click Read More to find out how to book.

  • Category: Music consulting
  • Duration: 00:30 Hours
  • Location:Online Link


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After you have booked your appointment, an email will be sent to the email you used. After that, please click on the meeting link, which will take you to a form, where you can choose over what platform you would like your appointment (s) to take place.Click on "Link"

You will then get emailed in order to start the appointment (s).

Thank you for your cooperation, and looking forward to seeing you soon!