A new album, with a newer genre

Perceptions image
Perception - "the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses..."

Perceptions is an idea that arose from reflection - after years of pain with arthritis, and now 3 years on with a metal hip, it has forced me to undergo a lot of reflection. Whether it was on what happened to me, or reflecting on the impacts my pain had on those around me. This led to a series of 5 tracks being produced each unique in their own right.

This may be one of my most minimalist albums I have released, and I hope it brings comfort at any difficult times you are facing.

See below for previews - new ones released each day right here... starting today!

13th August - Touch
15th August - Awaken, Sunlight
16th August - Affection
17 August - Timeless (Remix)
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