The contemporary remix from Ollie Jones

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In my opinion, Scarborough Fair displays impressive potential for harmonic intervention. Who knew that a small melody inspired from a 14th century market could spark such potential. Simon and Garfunkel successfully and brilliantly took this tune and put a harmony to it that really inspired me to find other harmonies.

If you listen to any contemporary piano music, you will hear many trademarks like a repeating pattern, much use of the "sustain" pedal, and, if you're lucky, a few Einaudi-type chord changes as well! What I am saying, is that when I decided to remix this tune, I wanted to make a contemporary version, that was easy to listen to, and yet shied away from the traditional piano track. I used a subtle synth bass to give rhythmic sounds, amongst many other things.

I hope you will enjoy listening to this track, and thank you!


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